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Ever wished you could have a chat with your favourite personality? Ever wanted to share your thoughts or just catch up? Introducing Streaks Social – your favourite personality, in your pocket!

Hey, I’m Victoria. Let’s get this party started!


AI Idol
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Meet your new companion. Interact with your favourite personalities as AI companions. Learn about each other, have fun and grow together. It’s as if they were right there, talking to you.
How it works
Personality modelling

Their personality, voice and story - captured in AI

By training an AI model on existing content and working with the influencer to perfect the details, we replicate the personality of your favourite influencers with astonishing accuracy. We've captured their nuances, unique voice and personal story so it feels just like them.

Two-way conversation

You speak, they speak.
Just like real life.

Interact with your favourite influencers through natural, free-flowing conversation. No typing long messages – just speak your heart out. Send voice notes using your voice, they respond in theirs.

build a relationship

Build a relationship,
grow together

With each interaction your influencer companion learns more about you. From your interests and hobbies to your life goals and aspirations. As they get to know you better, your conversations become richer, deeper, and more personal.

Meet the companions

Co-designed and officially endorsed by the influencers

Every companion is designed in collaboration with the influencer themselves, ensuring their unique nuances are captured and they can share exclusive content through their companion.


Automate 90% of your hiring.
Plans for all kinds of teams.

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lives where you already speak to your friends

Chat to your companions using your existing messaging apps on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

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